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Plymouth Men's Book Club

On a continuing journey to be a force for good....

Let’s begin with an admission – truth be told, we have nothing (nada) to do with books. The name is a total and complete ruse. But, you’ve got to admit – sure sounds good … very chic, even avant-garde, and looks great on a resume. Not to mention how the name resonates when explaining where you’re headed on a Monday night.


Well then, just what does this august group do? Here’s a snap-shop … Meets at Fox Hills – just 6 times a year – enjoys a great speaker – supports a charity – oh, and toss in an adult beverage, some jabs and barbs and what you might call “guy stuff.”


Now a fuller picture … Guest speakers have included:


  • TV personality Chuck Gaidica

  • All Pro football player Lomas Brown

  • Wayne County Executive Warren Evans

  • DIA CEO Salvador Salort Pons

  • Detroit Zoo Ron Kagan

  • Editorial Page Editor of the Detroit News Nolan Finley

  • Gordie Howe’s son Murray who actually spoke about his book

  • and a number of other notables.


Our charity support is unique, fun and rewarding – we don’t do dollars we do “stuff.” What? Well, we meet with the selected charity and with them determine a “Wish List” of items they could use. This list is, in turn, e-mailed to each of our members. Members then go shopping for items on the list and anxiously and proudly bring them to the meeting and place them on the always overflowing tables. A representative from the charity is on hand to accept the items, tell a bit about their charity, and thank the troops. A real feel-good…


Charities have included:


  • Mott Children’s Hospital which received nearly 300 new children’s books

  • Humble Designs who left with waste baskets, brooms, extension cords, light bulbs and other household items galore

  • First Step was overwhelmed by the personal items, including 25 cases of toilet paper they received

  • Hutchinson School in Detroit has art supplies, the numbers of which they never dreamed.

Some of the other charities we’ve had the pleasure to work with include – The Salvation Army, Vista Maria, Michigan Humane Society and Ronald McDonald House.


There it is … The Plymouth Men’s Book Club – and, yes, we’re on the grow – not just in numbers, but in new areas. Take for example the Color Me Plymouth coloring book we are producing in conjunction with the Plymouth Community Arts Council – or the production of Comedy Night in Plymouth to benefit the Chad Tough Foundation.


What’s next? Something cool for sure!



Good guys doing good stuff …

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